A Few Basics to Wow That Next Interview

Three multi-ethnic construction workers chatting

Despite it being a job seeker’s market, interviews are still just as nerve-wracking. Here are a few of the basic – but critical insights to best prepare for, crush your interviews—and land the job! Urgency Responsiveness and timeliness are extremely important. If you have a company send an email that they’re interested in you, reply…

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Why The One-Page Resume? (We Promise There’s A Reason)

Business man review his resume application on desk

No matter how much you want to cling to your two-pager (or 5 or 7!), we both know that almost no one actually makes it past the first page. It is crucial to your success as a candidate. Keep reading to discover why that one-page resume will help you get hired. By keeping your resume…

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 That Recruiter Can Speed Up Your Job Search

confident young man working at a construction site

You probably know someone who knows someone who landed a great gig by working with a recruiter. How can you do that? Read on to find out: Have you been applying and applying but feeling like you’re not succeeding with your job search? It’s a complex and foreign world of email blasts, LinkedIn connecting, and…

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Negotiate Your Salary In 4 Steps (Without Ruining Your Day)

Shot of two builders shaking hands at a construction site

Negotiating your salary can be… awkward, at best. Everyone has their own horror stories from trying to negotiate a salary, and without a proper plan in place, you could flounder as well. Keep reading to learn the best way to get a great salary after you get your next job offer: 1. Research, Research, Research…

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Relocation – Know When To Make Your Move!

Business people moving and packing in boxes

In this era of unprecedented mobility, the best job opportunity for you may be a few state lines away. It’s a big decision to relocate for a new job. If that is a consideration, here are just a few of many factors to consider when thinking of taking that relocation offer. Opportunities for Advancement Something…

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 Ghosting: Just Don’t!

Land surveyor using app on smart phone.

According to Merriam Webster, ghosting is defined as the “phenomenon of leaving a relationship of some kind by abruptly ending all contact with the other person, and especially electronic contact, like texts, emails, and chats without explanation.”  Most people have a story of being ghosted or ghosting others in the process, and it might look…

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