Executive Meeting Services

“No matter what goal you want to achieve, surround yourself with people on a similar level to inspire and motivate each other.”

Martin Meadows, author of Confidence

Close-knit. Confidential. Cultivated conversations.

One of the best ways to create an effective, well-thought-out plan is to involve all the key people in the process. One of the worst ways to accomplish this, as the owner of the business, is to try to run that meeting yourself. Our years of experience facilitating hundreds of these off-site meetings, internal cross-functional meetings, or regular team meetings, allow you to participate.

Full-service strategy and planning sessions

Successful and growing businesses need to tap into their teams' creative insights to find new paths for growth. We help business owners/CEOs identify the goals of the meeting, format, and agenda objectives and then facilitate the meeting itself and any break-out sessions.

Speaker at Business convention and Presentation
business colleagues discussing with one another during a meeting

Meeting rhythm with your team

Having trouble staying on track with your your bi-weekly or monthly leadership team meetings? We will hold you accountable by prescheduling and facilitating the agenda. Managers from each department update the group on key outcomes and decisions from the past month and brainstorm solutions to any concerns that may have arisen. Rely on Growth Factor Group facilitators to follow up with objectives and issues as your unbiased coach and advisor.

Owner/CEO peer group. Mastermind group. Peer-to-peer mentoring.

These meeting groups act as an objective sounding board, bringing together colleagues who see the big picture, expect the best from one another, and aren't hesitant to push each other to achieve more.

Executive Team Listening to Contrary Views from Colleague
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If you’re ready to take your professional success to the next level through our executive meeting services, please reach out to discuss more.