Recruiting Services

“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.”

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

New initiatives mean adding new people—the right people—who stick

We approach the recruiting process from the perspective of an operational manager and a business owner. We use our years of experience in hiring hundreds of management employees in privately-held businesses like yours to provide the candidates from which you can make a valid selection and decide who will best fit your skillset needs and culture.

Our client partners can expect consistent communication and a guiding hand throughout the process—ending with a successful hire. Our valuable candidates can expect a sincere partner and career coach who wants to find them a role where they can grow.

The Process
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    01 Kick off

    Identify and define positions/decision to recruit

  • 312-avatar-icon-calm-search-outline (1)
    02 Search

    Plan recruiting campaign, contact candidates

  • 970-video-conference-outline (1)
    03 Screen

    Plan recruiting campaign, contact candidates

  • 1023-portfolio-outline (1)
    04 Evaluate

    Top 2-3 candidates submitted for initial company interview

  • 967-questionnaire-outline (1)
    05 Review

    Company conducts final interviews/makes decision

  • 202-chat-outline (1)
    06 Advise

    Offer negotiation, acceptance and onboarding

Flat-fee retained recruiting: Thoroughness over speed

We are true matchmakers and target your specific requirements. We listen closely to the ideals of everyone involved and facilitate introductions when—and only when—a match seems destined to be a superior, long-term partnership for all involved. We deploy a broad range of recruiting methods to cast the widest net to screen for candidates who meet your specifications.

The final stages of the search process—your selection, offer, and onboarding process—ensure the long-term fit of the new hire, not us. And that perspective allows us to offer a recruiting solution outside the ordinary—a flat-fee, no frills process focused on presenting the best and most qualified candidates for your company.

Work with a true growth partner

Bringing experience and perspectives to solve your talent acquisition needs