Strategic Planning

“Scaling up is every entrepreneur’s dream—and nightmare. Creating new growth is terrifying, and it’s most often success that kills great companies.”

Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up

Create actionable growth plans that keep you and your team focused

One thing is clear in running an entrepreneurial mid-market business of any size—your business needs a vision, plan, and goals to get your team focused, aligned, and accountable. Sound difficult and too "big company" for a fast-growing privately owned company? It doesn't need to be.

Your planning process should be lean enough to be effective but robust enough to result in a solid finished product, an execution-ready plan that your teams can start executing. Having worked with dozens of businesses and developed hundreds of plans for them over the years, we have a methodology of tailoring that plan to your needs. From a simple one-page format to more detailed presentations, we collaborate to choose the format that works best.

Annual, Quarterly, Monthly Planning Process

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01 Evaluate

Your position/your market/your progress

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02 Set Vision

Where do you want to be?

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03 Tactical Objectives

Metrics to measure progress

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04 Actions

Incremental goals

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Where to begin—How to keep going

It starts with the senior team setting revenue and profit targets, establishing a handful of priorities for the coming year. These priorities are further broken down into specific quarterly and monthly goals—getting everyone in the company moving in the same direction, driving the plan’s execution and specific tactical goals. Finally, we help you establish a regular meeting rhythm to track progress and adapt new changes due to market conditions and opportunities.

Asking the right questions

A key focus of our planning is on the business owner and CEO: What are your long-term objectives in your personal life? How do you effectively delegate your role of working in the business to working on the business? What is the long-range growth needed to achieve your vision? Consider your eventual exit plan: Will you transition the business to the next generation of your family? Promote senior team members to a more strategic role, eventually becoming owners? Sell to a third-party individual owner or merge/sell to another company?

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Finding the best way forward

Growth Factor Group enables accelerated growth and profitability by working with you and your team to develop plans that contribute to the business’ overall success. And yours.

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Facilitating beneficial transition

We also assist in exit plan development, facilitating the process with the business owner and envisioning what they plan to do after exiting.

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