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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

Steve Jobs

A Few Basics to Wow That Next Interview

Despite it being a job seeker’s market, interviews are still just as nerve-wracking. Here are a few of the basic – but critical insights to best prepare for, crush your interviews—and land the job!


Responsiveness and timeliness are extremely important. If you have a company send an email that they’re interested in you, reply as soon as possible. You will always have a better shot if you show a company you value them by moving quickly. Don’t get frustrated if they don’t respond just as quickly – keep your cool – everyone moves at their own pace. 


This may be the most important part of any interview process. Always come across as flexible with setting meeting times and dates. Whether you are busy with your current work or have nothing going on, by being flexible, you will become a more favorable candidate. 


It doesn’t matter what you are interviewing for: Dress up. This is a sign of respect to the other person across the desk or screen. Professional attire will most likely make you feel more ready for the occasion. A good rule of thumb – dress one step above “business casual” – whatever that might mean for you. A “Mad Man” suit and tie, or dress suit for women isn’t the best solution if your employer is in blue jeans or t-shirt!


Don’t be the candidate that isn’t upfront about what they are looking for. You don’t want hiring managers to have doubts about you. If you end up not being interested in a role, let the company or recruiter know it isn’t a fit and why. And be open on start date, compensation and benefit expectations when those questions are appropriate.

Final Thoughts

By showing off your accomplishments and following these basics, you can succeed in your next interview. And final note – send a short, concise thank you note/email to keep the conversation moving, and if the opportunity’s not a fit still send it. You never know when that network connection from your interview may be valuable.


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