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Negotiate Your Salary In 4 Steps (Without Ruining Your Day)

Negotiating your salary can be… awkward, at best. Everyone has their own horror stories from trying to negotiate a salary, and without a proper plan in place, you could flounder as well. Keep reading to learn the best way to get a great salary after you get your next job offer:

1. Research, Research, Research

Before you even enter into negotiations, it’s important to be familiar with the salary levels of others in your industry that have the same level of experience. Having a good case to back up your claims will go a long way in negotiations.

2. Rehearse Your Delivery

Practicing the conversation you’re going to have with the hiring manager is crucial. Even if you’re the quickest thinking on your feet, there’s still some room for improvement and thinking out possible scenarios. 

3.Know When To End Negotiations

It can be tempting to drag out discussions with a hiring manager over your salary, but always be sure that you end negotiations on a good note. Hiring managers won’t rescind an offer if you decide to negotiate, but they might get exasperated if negotiating makes the process too long.

4.Ensure Everything Is Documented

You can come to a verbal agreement about a potential salary or benefits, but make sure that before you sign on the dotted line for a job that what you discussed is written down somewhere. 

Final Thoughts

Sadly, to many people, “negotiating a job offer” and “negotiating a salary” are synonymous. But much of your satisfaction will come from other factors you can negotiate—perhaps even more easily than salary. Don’t get fixated on money. Focus on the value of the entire deal: responsibilities, location, travel, flexibility in work hours, opportunities for growth, and so forth. 

Ultimately, your satisfaction hinges less on getting the negotiation right, and more on getting the job right. 


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